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We have teamed up with our friends at Financial Executive Women (FEW) to bring you the Digital First: Banking Transformation Series

Streaming live every week at midday AEDT, join Alex Tullio, CEO of FEW and Jennifer Harris, Chief Customer Officer of Sandstone Technology, as they dive into all things digital transformation and bring you some of the best leaders, change-makers and digital transformation experts from around the globe.

Through a series of live interviews, industry round tables, audience Q&A's and keynote presentations, your hosts Alex and Jen, alongside their industry guests, are going to demystify banking transformation from the inside out. Have a look at the schedule below to see who we will be speaking to over the coming weeks, as well as the opportunity to view some of our past episodes. 

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Previous episodes:

Nick Carter and Andrew Cresp

Success lies in your ability to build relationships

Wednesday, May 31 @12PM


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DIGITAL FIRST Cover Lili Sussman

Uncovering your true relationship with money

Wednesday, Mar 15 @12PM


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DIGITAL FIRST Cover Jason Entwistle

Find a purpose that resonates and run with it 

Wednesday, Dec 7 @12PM


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DIGITAL FIRST Cover Elizabeth Bradford-1 (1)

People, Purpose and Leadership

Wednesday, Nov 9 @12PM


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DIGITAL FIRST Cover Xavier Shay

Converting money into happiness is what it’s all about

Wednesday, Oct 12 @12pm


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DIGITAL FIRST Cover Betsy Westcott & Jess Joyce

The power of people, culture and technology

Wednesday, Aug 10 @12PM


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Ana Marinkovic

Ana Marinkovic | Unlocking the potential

Wednesday, June 9 @12pm

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DIGITAL FIRST Claudia Smith _ Russell Smith (1)

Eradicating Digital Crime

Wednesday, May 21 @12pm

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DIGITAL FIRST Jill Berry 13.04

Jill Berry | CEO and Co-Founder, Adatree

Wednesday, April 13 @12pm

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Rosanna Fornarino | Chief Operations Officer at ME Bank

Wednesday, September 15 @12pm

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Mark McLean

Mark McLean | GM Member Experience at SBS Bank

Wednesday, September 1 @12PM


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Kevin Delmar-1

Kevin Delmar | Brilliance Financial Technology

Wednesday, August 4 @12pm

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Martine Milicich Thumbnail

Helping People Achieve Their Financial Goals

Thursday, December 3 @12pm

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Joseph Health Thumbnail (2)

Part II Joseph Healy Co- Founder and Co-CEO, Judo Bank

Thursday, November 26 @12pm

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Marnie Baker thumbnail

Effective & Innovative Leadership in Financial Services

Thursday, November 19 @12pm

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Designing & Developing Financial Service Products

Thursday, November 12 @12PM

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Changing & Improving People’s Lives Through Technology

Thursday, October 29 @12PM


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Diverse Enterprise IT and Innovation Initiatives

Thursday, October 22 @12PM


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Challenging The Status Quo & Delivering Innovative Products

Thursday, October 15 @12PM


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Digital First: A Banking Transformation Series

Thursday, October 8 @12PM


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The Future Of Australian Banking

Thursday, October 1 @12PM


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Retaining The Best People & Maintaining A High-Performing Culture

Thursday, September 24 @12PM


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