The new expectation for painless CX

Gear up for simple, frictionless online applications that nail compliance.

Your customers are out there interacting digitally with brands they trust on a daily basis. To become one of those brands - to grow your brand affinity and convert faster, you need to simplify, simplify, simplify.

In 20+ years as a strategic partner to financial institutions, we’ve focused on removing complexity for customers and from back-office systems - without compromising on risk or compliance.

Apply is a tried-and-trusted, omni-channel solution that gives your customers the seamless digital onboarding experience they’ve come to expect.



*based on in-market customer feedback


application touch time down from 14 mins*


reduction in processing time on home loan applications*


conversion rate (well above industry standard)*



*based on in-market customer feedback

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Customer-first platform

Offer your applicants an easy, engaging and hassle-free experience, with access from anywhere, anytime on any device. Apply integrates with in-branch customer service and banks’ loan research tools for streamlined interactions and minimal touchpoints.


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Faster process saves on cost

Achieve lower acquisition costs with reduced application processing time, immediate approvals and reduced time to market. Your staff perform fewer manual tasks and there’s less re-entry.


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Control of the lending ecosystem

The Apply platform lets you manage third-party providers, products, data capture - everything through to final submission. You can also customise your rules-based credit decision engine and the user interface.


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Digital transformation realised

When people talk about the potential of digital transformation in banking, they’re talking about the kind of game-changing features that are built into Apply.

Real-time assessment of applications; verified approvals based on internal decisioning criteria and external bureau checks. Being able to verify applicants’ identities online; being able to deploy new features quickly to keep pace with market demands.

Apply will also integrate your application process with other products in the acquisition chain and ensure compliance with your bank’s own policies by cross validating customer data and integrating with third-party data services.

That’s the cool, tricky stuff going on in the Apply backend. Meanwhile your customer is enjoying the easy, conversational UX and the way information is delivered at each stage of the application process.



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Automate the rest of your loan application process.

LendFast is the logical next step in your customers’ loan journey. Automate your loan processing for shorter approvals and higher profits on a platform that integrates 100% with Apply.