One complete, comprehensive, end-to-end loan origination solution

The financial services industry has finally woken up to a simple truth: customer experience (CX) must be top priority.

This realisation is prompting banks and lenders to overhaul their origination and lending processes. The pressure is on to transform and meet demand; to recalibrate digital transformation priorities at speed.

Truly exceptional CX requires scalability, streamlined processing and improved speed to decisioning. These can only be achieved through advanced technology and automation.

We understand that a multitude of touchpoints can make the loan journey complex and challenging for customers, from the initial search for lenders through to understanding their borrowing power; from the application process to pre-approval and settlement of the loan. That’s why when it comes to selecting a solution you want one that’s rich in functionality and capability to deliver a seamless experience.

Not just home loans

Sandstone’s comprehensive loan origination solution caters for a range of lending products, from credit cards and personal loans through to residential mortgages and home loan top-ups.

This gives institutions the ability to manage the entire process, from application capture and quick assessment, to approvals, contract handling and settlement.


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How Sandstone’s Loan Origination Platform can set you apart

Give consumers one easy, frictionless experience that controls the process from initial capture, customer qualification through to settlement of the loan

Straight through processing accelerated with speed and remove outdated manual processes, enabling bank staff to focus on increasing revenue

Deliver better access to credit and faster time to yes for home loan customers

Meets all relevant regulatory, policy and compliance needs, giving confidence that your partner understands the regulatory landscape and helps drive responsible growth

Improves customer retention with the potential to effortlessly grow your customer acquisition and asset books

Enhanced data and document processing resulting in cost savings and increased efficiencies

Exceptional user experience for your staff and borrowers

An experienced partner you can trust

When it comes to future proofing your business, and building in the capability to grow in the most efficient and compliant way, you’re in safe hands with Sandstone. We are proud of our exceptionally strong track record in de-risking and delivering complex transformation programs.



Responsible lending

Sandstone’s loan origination solution is designed to ensure lenders can process loans in line with Australian responsible lending criteria and comply with mortgage industry rules and regulations.  We continually monitor APRA and work with you to ensure the latest lending compliance; related enhancements are provided as part of the solution.


Finally, a move to customer-centricity

For end users, their frictionless journey starts with a range of helpful research calculators, leading into the kind of digital omni-channel onboarding process they increasingly demand, with the same easy experience across all the bank’s touchpoints.

With our solution, customers and bank staff enjoy transparency at all stages of the application approval process. They’re able to upload documentation directly into the system, with their data managed seamlessly all the way through to settlement.


Success Story

Great Southern Bank together with Sandstone Technology re-imagine the home lending experience to deliver a robust out-of-the-box digital lending origination platform.


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