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Fast 5 with Jude Bolton, Enterprise Account Exec, APAC, DOMO

In conjunction with Sandstone’s support of the Fight Cancer Foundation’s Footy Colours Day during September we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the many professional athletes who go into finance and technology and how sportsmanship plays a role. We chatted to Jude and see what he had to say...  


Q1. What is a positive impact you've seen from sportspeople joining the finance and technology industries?

In my experience, I see sports people enter into the finance & technology industries and have a positive impact because they quite often bring with them an ability to adapt quickly. In doing so, they accept feedback on their performance to improve and they can help build high-performing teams in pressure environments.


Q2. What one sporting attribute do you live by?

Constant improvement.

In sport, every training session, every time you step onto the field, each play in a game counts.  So in that sense, you are looking to execute under pressure in each of those moments.  Constant improvement means that you review and learn from each of these to make yourself and the team better. There are great parallels in the finance and tech industries with opportunities and engagements with customers.


Q3. As a previous (professional) AFL player for 14 years for the Sydney Swans what drew you to a career in Finance? 

Technology industry was something quite different for me when I joined Domo almost 5 years ago. I’ve loved the challenge of understanding and helping business leaders solve their problems around data and analytics, and witnessing how technology and making information accessible has helped drive performance and improve processes within organisations.


Q4. What financial or technology advancement have you been most impressed by over the past 2-3 years?

Over the past few years, I’ve loved seeing the advancements made on embedded analytics and the ability of organisations to extend insights and information to external communities of users in a seamless way. Not only has it driven more value in their client or customer engagements, but this has also provided them with new revenue streams.


Q5.You’re showing off your footy guernsey - can you explain why?

Rapt to be able to put the old Swans’ guernsey on to support the Footy Colours Day campaign that takes place throughout the month of September and is such a wonderful initiative and I hope that everyone gets behind it to support kids battling cancer, and help make a difference to their education.


JudeInducted into the Sydney Swans Hall of Fame, Jude Bolton is a Dual Premiership player  (2005 & 2012) and now Ch7 & Triple M AFL Commentator along with his role as an AFL Analyst for ESPN.

Jude Bolton played 325 Games – equal 2nd most of any Swans player behind Adam Goodes and played in both of the club’s most recent Premierships (2005, 2012). Bolton, the married/father-of-two has also played the third most number of finals games for the Sydney Swans.

He represented Australia in the International Rules series in 2004. Bolton equally holds the record for the most tackles in an AFL Game. Among other things, Bolton can be heard weekly on Triple M’s Dead Set Legends and is a regular on Ch7 Weekend Sunrise. Having completed a Post Grad in Commerce at Sydney University, Jude is an Enterprise Account Executive for US Business Intelligence platform, Domo. Working passionately with community organisations and NFP’s, Jude is a proud Ambassador for Gotcha4Life - while also juggling media commitments with Channel 7, Triple M and ESPN.


Fast 5 with Jude Bolton

Posted by Sandstone Technology on Sep 14, 2021 10:12:32 AM